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The Mora System

You all live in the Calixis Sector, in a system called Mora. Mora was named after a Saint of the Imperium, whose only depictions are in Assyrian-like rock carving and some sculptures, who died about 5,000 years ago. Saint Mora expelled Xenos by herself, with her bare hands, but you do not know what kind of Xenos they were and what kind of human she was.

The system is ruled by a large noble class that lives on the two capital planets. There is not much advanced technology in this system. Since there is no advanced manufacturing in Mora, the best technology brought to Mora was shipments of equipment for about 1/4 of an imperial guard regiment, to arm and train a regiment for the system’s tithe of soldiers to the Imperium and to the capital world of the Calixis Sector, Scintilla. Soldiers leave the system to fight because not much happens in Mora. The noble class also leaves to fight for the Imperium and brings back presents from other worlds, mostly given to each other, frequently. This often offends the Ecclesiarchy, because they think the governors make hidden profits.

Celestial bodies, from closest to Mora’s Binary Suns to furthest:

-Moratashka: Desert planet, gentry hides out in space stations with servitors and very few human contacts. Totally removed and disinterested besides police actions from the rest of the population. Sand-people primitives attack people like Groverrius unsuccessfully.

-Yuma: A muddy swampy planet with archipelagos and large black-rock pyramidal structures.

-Mora Prime: Capital-like planet, population 1 billion, 2 moons.

-Tashmora: Capital-like planet, population 3 billion, 1 moon.

-Media: Green gas giant.

-Mora’s Blazing Planet: A very hot lava covered rock.

-Emperor’s Ruby: Deep, deep orbit and is a well-vegetated pine-jungle planet with red plants and Shinto-like Imperial shrines (with obligatory skulls and torches on them).


Enki, the System Governor just died in a warp-related starship accident in another system at the age of 80. His three sons:

Oldest, Enki Secundi, rules Mora Prime
Middle, Timor rules, Tashmora
Youngest, Conor rules, Moratashka

Enki was a fairly beneficent ruler, as far as 40k goes, but the system is worried about his sons, who might feud and cause war. Mora has a large untapped potential for extreme violence. Each of the sons has cult-like a following because they are the system’s generals.

There is no central Imperial Guard regiment in the system besides scattered platoons and squads. The regimental tithe has left the system.

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